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Residential Moving

Movers that you can rely on!

In 20 years of being in business, we have successfully performed thousands of residential moves. We like to think of ourselves as being top experts in this field, and our clients think so too. In fact, more than half of our business is returned and referred to us by satisfied customers. At Movers Long Island, we have a reputation as being the movers that care. Moving is stressful and we will try our best to make this transition a smooth and easy one for you and your family.


As you prepare to move to your new home, you may feel inclined to do it all yourself, except for one major aspect, driving a truck to your new place. Although you opted for a DIY move, unless you’re a commercial driver, you may feel intimidated to drive a large moving truck on commertcial roads, side by side other big vehicles. You’re not alone! In fact, we get requests from clients all the time to just transport their belongings from point A to point B, and nothing more. If you find yourself in the same predicament, simply give us a call and we will transport your things as if they were our own. 

Some furniture cannot be transported in an assembled form, this includes particle furniture. That is why it is important to properly disassemble furniture to prepare it for transport, and reassemble correctly at destination. We will professionally disassemble, pack, load and transport your belongings to your new place. We will also reassemble your furniture upon arrival and set it up based on your instructions. 

As a full-service moving company, we are able to provie our clients a safe storage solution. You may require storage solutions for many reasons. Whether your new place is not yet ready, or you just wish to store your excess items, Movers Long Island have got you covered!

Because we understand just how pricey packing material can be, we provide our clients who qualify, a complimentary moving kit! Our free moving kits are designed to provide you with few essentials to help you get started on your move. 

Packing supplies

There is a reason why moving boxes come in many shapes and sizes. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t always work, and may even put your items at risk. Our inventory is vast. With a variety of boxes and supplies to choose from, your items will reach their destination unharmed. 

Moving equipment

From air-ride equipped trucks, to custom crating, blankets, dollies, and tools, we provide our clients the ultimate protection of their belongings. We ensure the integrity of your household items is never jeopardized throughout the move.